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The M.A.I.N. Solutions Network

Who we are ... 


The M.A.I.N. Solutions Network is: A goodwill dependent and partnership backed, faith based community outreach venture from a non-profit group, that is located in Maryland.


We assist the elderly, the sick, widows, orphans, the poor and underserved, the down-trodden or neglected (those forgotten or rejected by society), children with life threatening illnesses, pre-mature babies, single parents in difficulty, grieving families, the unemployed, refugees, veterans, the physically challenged or impaired and also the mentally challenged.


The M.A.I.N Solutions Network is a community assistance based project by The Make An Impact Now (M.A.I.N.) Initiative (a faith based, non-profit outreach mastermind) that is solely focused, at the moment, on this outreach venture. This humble effort is the outcome of collaborative work that had been kicked off in 2018 by a unique mastermind of 8 individuals that each have a deep passion for assisting and uplifting those in need or those who have had a tough break the last decade. We are affiliated with the Sycamore Treebranch Evangelism Ministries.  


Life is a precious and valuable gift from GOD. For this reason, we value, respect & embrace everyone in need of assistance.


To help make people's lives better.

Statement ... 

To be a shoulder to lean on, support to stand on and a helping hand to rely on when needed


To be a bridge or vehicle to a better future for anybody in need

Statement ... 

Da nobis momento et humanum vitam mutare

(Give us time and people's lives will change)

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